Razor Barbed Wire (Tape Concertina)

In the nature of human beings,there is always a tend to protect their relatives, premises and zones. And today, it is much more critical than ever. KICIMAN Razor Tape Concertinas, with their superior quality, serve to satisfy human beings security needs long-lastingly. 

The barb rips and grabs, unlike the prick of standard barbed wire.  There are 3-4 times more points per meter than barbed wire. The core wire can’t be cut with ordinary tools. The spring steel also ensures that the coil holds its shape. “KICIMAN R.T.C.” lends itself to installation along an existing border fence or wall where at low cost the security can be greatly improved. "KICIMAN R.T.C.” provides a wide variety of installation configurations any one of which may be selected to meet the degree of security required, according to the need at any particular site. "KICIMAN R.T.C." provides a light barrier and is thus easy to ship, transport and deploy. "KICIMAN R.T.C." follows ground contours and can be rapidly installed without posts or straining wire, see pyramid formation.

The weak link in some brands of barbed tape is the clip which binds the wire into its tubular / concertina shape. A weak clip will part, providing an easy access point for the intruder. "KICIMAN R.T.C." barbed tape incorporates a unique heavy duty steel clip 10mm wide X 2mm thick with overlapping joint. This cannot be parted by hand or with ordinary tools. High quality packaging allows long-term indoor and outdoor storage. Packages can be easily transported by hand or by forklift. 


0,5 mm thick galvanized steel strip

Core Wire
2,5 mm diameter high tensile spring steel wire.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel BTC is available on request.

Colored BTC
Colored BTC is available on request.

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